“The world is your oyster” is a reality to more people than ever before because of travel. Tourism is taking centre stage, even overtaking the oil business as the biggest industry in the world. As such, we as Tourism providers have an obligation to provide this service in the best interests of all concerned by applying environmental ethics, cultural sensitivity and responsible travel principles in our daily activities.

Viaventure endeavors to provide the best and most professional travel experience possible. We achieve this not only with your help but also and equally importantly, with thanks to the communities we visit, the local people we work with, and the natural beauty and heritage of the countries we work in. We believe we have a responsibility to all of these, so that generations to come will also be able to see and experience what we and our customers do.

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An integral part of our Sustainable Tourism program is the VIAVENTURE FOUNDATION. Founded in Sept 2006 the foundation raises money from each tour that we operate as well as donations from client companies, guests and suppliers (see the “How it Works” Section for more information) and distributes this to a number of local development programs in areas of education, health, micro-credit, conservation and reforestation.

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